What Would You Pick?

Let’s say you’re getting married and you’re currently choosing the songs for your wedding. What songs would you pick? Would you rather have recorded songs playing in the background during the reception or would you rather have a live band playing your favorite songs?

If you were to ask me, these songs would be on my list:

  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  • A Thousand Years (Part 2) by Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee
  • All of Me by John Legend
  • The Last Time by Eric Bennet
  • Your Love by Jim Brickman
  • I Do (Cherish You) by 98 Degrees
  • This I Promise You by N’Sync

My list would be longer, but since I don’t have the privilege of time right now, I’d stick to those seven choices. However, I would love a live band to play all of the songs even if it means me buying all the musical instruments. LOL

Incidentally, I just saw this ad for a music store: To place your order, call us toll-free at 800-449-9128. I think this is an awesome idea for busy people, since they can just browse the store’s online catalog and order by phone.

So now I’m back to my original question, which wedding songs will you pick?

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Recently, different “challenges” went viral, the most famous of which was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge meant to raise awareness about the disease while simultaneously raising funds for ALS-related research.

After that, several mini challenges went viral, on Facebook no less. Here are some of those:

  • Book List Challenge
  • Movie Challenge
  • Music/Song Challenge
  • Gratitude Challenge

The challenges were presented as memes, and I must admit that I enjoyed partaking on the Book List and Movie Challenges. Both challenges brought me back in time, back to the days when memes were something most bloggers looked forward to every week. Some of the memes I remember and regularly participated in are:

  • Music Monday
  • Boggle Me Tuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Girl Talk (Thursdays)
  • Pink Fridays
  • Crazy over Purple Saturdays (I hosted this!)

Hmm. I know there’s more, as I remember joining memes for every day of the week. I can’t seem to remember the meme for Sunday, though.

I know this is wishful thinking, but I do hope someone comes up with the wonderful idea of reviving those memes.

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I know several couples who are getting hitched before the year ends and at the start of the new year. I’m sure the couples are already too busy with their preparations. I mean even with an event planner or wedding coordinator taking care of the dirty work, there are other aspects of the wedding that both the bride and groom need to handle.

For instance, they should personally talk to their sponsors and ask them if they grace the wedding with their presence (given the gravity of their role). They should also decide on the bride’s dress and groom’s suit. They also can’t delegate the choice of wedding bands to the wedding coordinator. It’s something the bride and groom must do personally. Being one of the main symbols of their union, the wedding bands need to be selected carefully, and these must reflect the personalities of the couple.

Fortunately, there are many jewelers who offer packages on their wedding bands. Hence, embarking on the search for gold wedding bands is no longer time-consuming.

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